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My good friend A. Yaglenski and I tested the UA curry 2 in the month of July against the Air Jordan 10 Chicago. Andrew plays as a shooting guard for Pratt Institute in New York, hence the best candidate to test the shoes; he is a phenomenal shooter who plays a lot off the ball and comes off screens. He is a capable slasher and can also create his own shots- consequently, he needs an adequate pair of shoes. We tested the UA curry 2 for traction, cushioning, lockdown and stability and were very satisfied with the results. Watch the video below for the entire breakdown


I did not want to check for durability after only one wear so I was looking for someone who actually owned a pair, and was fortunate enough to find the right guy; my buddy Rob who is an older gentleman but a terrific basketball player. He played soccer growing up so his speed and quickness transitioned well onto the basketball court. Here is what Rob had to say about the curry 2.

I’ve been playing in these 2-3 times a week for approximately six months. All of their use has been outdoors and in small sided pick up games making them a shoe that has seen a lot of use and abuse. They are holding up extremely well under the circumstances and ticks all the boxes that are important to me, i.e., a fit that “locks in” my foot when moving laterally, durable cushion that absorbs shock but doesn’t feel “spongy”, and an upper that wraps firmly around your main foot area while integrating a thick “sock-like” section to provide some support for your ankle without going to the extent of a full traditional high-top shoe.

In the end I’m very happy with these and am very likely to buy another pair. That bit of wear we looked at yesterday on the ball of the sole doesn’t take away anything as far I’m concerned. The playing surface has a serious grit and I like to move a lot around the court for the added exercise 🙂
There you have it guys, if you are interested in purchasing a pair of the Curry 1 or 2 , i have included links of online shops that still have them in stock.

tayib salami
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6 years ago

Still takes too long for me to scroll to the comments! LOL this is a good review and perfect for my Insider Ties today. I will use it in my discussion. You should have put the video in there too.

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