The Anatomy Of Paul George Courtesy Of Attention To Details

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If You haven’t subscribed to Attention to Details channel, now is the time to do it. This channel as its name indicates it is dedicated to shed so many lights on the game of basketball- their content include entire and complete players’s breakdown ( offensively and defensively), ways to prevent basketball injuries, and basically anything related to basketball. I think many in the basketball community including I have forgotten that OKC has acquired Paul George during the off season. We’ve all been preoccupied with the recent trade between Cleveland and Boston.

Paul George is definitely one of my favorite players, actually my second favorite player of this era right behind Damian Lillard. At 6’10, he is a versatile SF with tremendous offensive skills ( he has a mid range, he can shoot the triple, can put the ball on the floor, can pass, he is a dunker and an above average on ball defender). Check out the full breakdown of his game courtesy of Attn To Details

img via vigilantsports

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