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Nike Lebron 17 XVII Future Air CT3843 100

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I didn’t even know that the Nike Lebron 17 had already been manufactured and had an actual release date. I woke up this morning to see that Footlocker had the shoe on its release calendar for Friday , September the 27th. I think beside Nike, Footlocker will be the only other retailer carrying the Lebron 17, and I’m suspecting that sales are going to be great since its the newest model. I love the game of basketball and my primary objective for grabbing basketball sneakers is the performance test of course. I don’t think I will be experimenting the Lebron 17 anytime soon ( the shoe is darn expensive at $200) but Nike has made some serious claims about it that I want to share with you.

Technical features:


According to Nike,

It’s the most Max Air that LeBron’s worn in a shoe, set beneath the heel to provide shock absorption for his explosive play. A soft foam pod directly under the Max Air units adds cushioning.

Air Zoom is combined with Max Air for the ultimate hybrid cushioning. Air Zoom units in the forefoot respond to LeBron’s downhill speed from point to point.

“The lateral and medial pods under the forefoot give him that response and comfort in conjunction with the Max Air bag,” says Petrie. “The way LeBron sees it, he wants to feel confident from the ground up. He doesn’t need help jumping. He wants to feel secure on the way down.”


Evolving the upper construction from Battleknit 2.0 on the LEBRON XVI, the LEBRON XVII combines lightweight Flyknit construction with heat-molded yarns that add structure and color. The result is durable, supportive and resists stretching.

“We wanted to blend the knit on the 15 and the strength of the Battleknit on the 16. The result is amazing. Once the heat is applied to the knitting process, you get this jewel-like armored exoskeleton that’s stuffed with these yarns,” says Petrie. “It’s both structural and soft in the areas it needs to be.”

Story Telling/ personal details

The Lion crest was on the heel of the LEBRON XVI, while the silhouette of LeBron dunking was on the outsole. The LEBRON XVII shifts those details onto the tongue, combining phrases and symbols like “I’m King,” “LJ” and “23.”

“LeBron wanted a more overt tongue for the shoe, which opens up the opportunity for personal storytelling,” says Petrie. “There are other micro details, too. Making the topline jagged was our way of stepping into the crown of the king. Also, there’s a woven label on the medial side that has the inspiration for the colorway. It’s almost like a key to the shoe.”



Nike Lebron 17 XVII Future Air

Style#CT3843 100, $200

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Here are images of the shoes I fetched on nike.com

Nike Lebron 17 XVII Future Air CT3843 100

Nike Lebron 17 XVII Future Air CT3843 100

Nike Lebron 17 XVII Future Air CT3843 100

Nike Lebron 17 XVII Future Air CT3843 100

Nike Lebron 17 XVII Future Air CT3843 100 4


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