The 2017 Air Foamposite One Egpplant 314996-008 Is Available Now

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The Air Foamposite One Egpplant was originally introduced in 2008 and has since been brought back in 2009,2010,2012 and is officially coming back on July 29. I’m not sure how limited these are going to be but looking on eBay I haven’t seen many sellers carrying them yet, so I’ll assume that just like the Red foamposite one that released in limited numbers, these will also be limited. Don’t take my word for it though, it’s just an assumption.

They will come in the usual durable foam shells in a purple and black color combination. Mesh and nubuck materials will cover most of the tongue, its extension and the eyestay. The foams are built for endurance; they aren’t the lightest shoes for basketball but are the perfect shoes for heavier guys ( I’m talking 180 lbs and above). I don’t even know how Penny Hardaway was able to perform with the foams ( he was an electric guard, his game could be easily compared to Russell Westbrook).

They do have carbon fiber shanks near the midsection intended to lighten up some of the weight;  the only cushioning you get comes directly from the insoles ( they are equipped with zoom units). Completing the shoes is a translucent sole with herringbone threads for superior traction.


Nike Air FoamPosite One Eggplant

Style#314996-008, $225, /July 29th


You can also purchase them now on eBay from our Trusted featured sellers, see listings below

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