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ASICS Suminagashi GEL-Lyte V Pack | Artistry in Footwear

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Originally posted on ARCH-USA

Crafted in the traditional Japanese technique of suminagashi, this Gel-Lyte® V pair features a brilliant marbled pattern on a leather and synthetic fiber upper. The skilled craftsman floats ink onto the water’s surface then hand dips the textile piece by piece to achieve a unique look that’s impossible to replicate.

Source: GEL-Lyte V

What appears to be a simple, marble stamped upper is actually a technique by craftsman known as Suminagashi. As described above it’s the process of utilizing ink to form design in an organic manner by lowering fabric or materials into ink atop water. This process can be seen often in Japanese Art. the technique creates one of a kind design elements that are personalized to each individual item created from the paper or materials.

The ASICS pack is delivered in two colorways: White/Evening Sand and White/Black. With a price tag of 200.00 this is not a sneaker that is bought without consideration. It is also not easily styled. It is however an excellent artistic release that is elegant and represents the person who understands the time and investment it takes to create footwear that is more than just “another” shoe. Use the source link to visit and see more pics.

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