Asics Gel Lyte III 3 Marble & Selvedge Denim Pack On Sale Starting @ $49.99

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I always enjoy finding steals for you guys, especially when it’s good quality merchandise.I dropped by one of my local spots yesterday and came cross the Asics Gel Lyte III 3 Marble & Selvedge Denim Pack. I picked up a few pairs and you’ll be to get them from my shop for as low as $59.

I picked up the Red & black GL 3 out of the marble pack that dropped in the summer time I believe. The Red pair in the pack features a leather upper with abstract marble patterns all over. It also has the signature split tongue ( specifically engineered to eliminate the bothersome tongue shifting) and the gel cushioning system on the sole for maximum comfort. Additional features on the marble pack include a well padded heel collar for a comfortable fit and a durable rubber outsole.

Asics Gel lyte 3 marble pack -red

Where to Buy:

GL3 Marble pack red -sz8-13 via Housakicks Shop

GL3 Marble pack Black via Housakicks Shop

The next one , the GL3 Selvedge denim, as the name indicates it, features a denim upper engineered by the Japanese company Okayama denim ( they specialize in producing premium Japanese Denim). This model has a fabric like padded heel collar ( instead of the usual mesh) and also sports the Gel cushioning system. Another special detail of the GL3 Selvedge Denim is the copper eyelets. lace holes; the shoe also includes a set of two laces ( white and black).

GL3 selvedge denim on the far right

GL3 Denim size 8.5,13 Buy via Housakicks Shop

Check out the video below

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