Jamie Foxx Wears Virgin Abloh Off White Nike Air Max 90s

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Actor and comedian Jamie Foxx wore black, gray, and white Nike Air Max 90s at a recent public appearance.

Jamie wore form fitting black pants and a matching black top along with a sporty light gray overcoat.

In one of multiple photos that were taken, it is clear that Jamie left the red tag on his left sneaker. This was an interesting shoe decision.

Click here to see Jamie in the Off White Nike Air Max 90s on the YBF website.

The light gray in his sneakers is a subtle but effective match with his light gray overcoat.  Similarly, the black stripes are a nice complement to his black baseball cap, outfit, and overcoat featuring stylish black buttons. Mugging it up for the Camera, Jamie seemed to be in good spirits.

CC Image Jamie Foxx Courtesy of Gage Skidmore
















According to YBF,  Jamie was at the grand opening of the Eyewear New York Store in New York City with Katie Holmes.

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