The Women’s Air Jordan 12 Vachetta Tan Are $190, Nike Caught Us With Guile

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Jordan Brand is increasing the price of women’s shoes and most of us are too gullible to catch their subtlety. The Air Jordan 12 Vachetta Tan is exclusively designed for the ladies but because it’s available in extended sizes ( or shall I say men’s sizes), there is suddenly a price increase. The last Jordan 12 that dropped in girls/women’s sizes, the black and pink edition had a suggested price of $140.  I don’t understand why Nike is being deceiftful with the Vachetta 12. All the brand had to do was make the shoes available in men’s sizes for $190 and keep the GS ( Grade School) sizes at $140. This is capitalism at its best and because most consumers buy impulsively, they are too undiscerning to catch these little tricks brands employ to beguile them.

The deep royal Air Jordan 12 which dropped in 2016, features the same premium suede material the Vachetta 12 was constructed with, but men’s sizes were $190 while GS sizes were $140, and Nike should not try to increase the price of the kids’ sizes under the pretense that they have been extended.  They did the same thing with the Air Jordan 11 Stingray and I actually wrote a post about it, see link below

Can The $220 Tag On The Air Jordan 11 Black Stingray Be Justified?

This is just an observation, I’m not here to be a “Hater”, but when I sense that a brand is being crafty, I’ll call a Spade a Space.


 Air Jordan 12 Vachetta Tan
Style#AO6068-203, March 23rd, 2018
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