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Why Is Nike Charging $250 For The Air Jordan 11 XI Prom Night?

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The Air Jordan 11 XI prom night is supposedly going to retail for $250. You already know what I’m thinking- Why? As I sat in front of computer I considered several possibilities that will lead Nike to charge as much as $250 for these upcoming 11’s and I wanted to share that with you. Nike had  good reasons to charge a little bit extra for the Air Jordan Remastered edition, because they were made with premium materials. When I look at the Air Jordan 11 XI Prom Night, there is no indication that they are built with materials that are superior to the previous 11’s released. So Nike can’t use this as a valid reason. The next thing I’m thinking of is packaging; we don’t know what the box/packaging is going to look like. I believe by now if these were to come with a fancy box , bootleggers would’ve already shared the pictures with us. So this is also out of the question. If materials and packaging aren’t the factors to decide pricing then the next logical argument is the inflation.

We are still in 2018 and the latest pair of Air Jordan 11 that released was the air jordan 11 win like 96 which cost $220. According to the CPI inflation calculator, any other Jordan Retro 11 that is scheduled for 2018 shouldn’t cost more than $222.20. Here is what i’m really thinking,

Nike is charging $250 because Nike CAN..

The brand doesn’t need to justify why they are charging $250 for the shoes because they know that consumers aren’t going to question it. Buyers might complain and bicker for 24 hours but they’ll be sitting next to their computer to make the purchase upon release date, and Nike knows that. Here is what will shock you,

the Jordan 11 prom night is a guinea pig

Nike is testing waters with it, if the brand can get you and I to pay $250 for these prom night 11’s, then they know that we’ll be willing pay $250 for next year’s Jordan 11 retros. And just like that the Air Jordan 11 retro price will continue to increase as Nike sees fit. I think they should just push the envelope and charge $300 for them. You know darn well people are still going to go out and pay the $300 in the blink of an eye. What are you going to do about it?

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