Where To Buy The Air Jordan 3 Muslin + Resale Value

air jordan 3 muslin release date and resale
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In 1984, the Air Jordan 3 was introduced to the public. This sneaker was incredibly popular due to its unique design and comfortable fit. Since then, the  Jordan 3 has been released in multiple colorways and has become a favorite among sneakerheads everywhere. Recently, Nike has announced the introduction of a new iteration- the Air Jordan 3 Muslin. The shoe a unique take on the original design, made from suede leather and breathable muslin fabric. Here’s what the brand had to say about it,

the Air Jordan 3 “Muslin” uses a heavy-duty canvas upper and strong Cement Grey suede to welcome everyday challenges with rugged style. Its Sail midsole finishes the vintage-inspired makeup, while University Red accents shout-out Air Jordan heritage.

With its modern look and comfortable fit, this new version of the  Jordan 3 is sure to become a favorite among sneakerheads and casual wearers alike. For an opportunity to grab a pair, refer to the details below

Where To Buy The Air Jordan 3 Muslin

  • Price:$210
  • Release Date: 2022-03-25
  • Style Code:DH7139-100
  • Color: Muslin / University Red / Cement Grey / Sail


Nike EURNike CAN

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Jordan 3 Muslin Resale Value

air jordan 3 muslin resale vs time

The chart above gives us a breakdown of the average sale price of the shoe by day since March 15,2022. The shoe has lost approximately about $4.75 every day since 3/15/2022. The current resale value is about $364 and you can expect it to go down to $350- by the time the shoe releases officially. I can tell you right away that this is certainly going to be a relatively good investment option this week. Let’s find our five number summary for better insights.

Minimum: 326
Quartile Q1: 364.25
Median: 380
Quartile Q3: 399.75
Maximum: 851

The lowest recorded sale was $326 (corresponding to a single size 11 on 3/20/22), while the highest sale was $851 ( corresponding to a size 15). 25% of the shoes sold for prices from $326 to $364 ( some sizes  9, but mainly sizes 10 and 11). 50% sold for prices between $364 and $400 ( several sizes 9.5,10.5,11, 12, some sizes 10) and another 25% sold for prices from $400 to $851 ( a couple of size 10.5 and 11, some sizes 11.5, 12,  several sizes 13 and a single size 15). The outlier were {496, 559, 851} corresponding to sizes 13 and 15. You certainly want to aim for these sizes if you’re looking to majorly capitalize on this shoe. Here’s a breakdown of the current profit margins per size.

air jordan 3 muslin resale vs size

The overall average resale value without the outliers is $383, leading to a profit margin of $126, that is definitely good. If you can score a size 15, you’ll certainly hit the jackpot.  We may expect these current margins to drop by 5% to 15% when the shoe releases officially. This is a shoe that you also want to keep your eyes on for the long term option, I’ll provide an equation for future projections in a couple of weeks, stay tuned.

Air Jordan 3 Muslin Review + On Foot

Here’s one of the best reviews of the shoe I’ve seen coming from the one and only Seth Fowler




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