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Virgin Abloh Air Jordan 1 x OFF-WHITE NRG | Europe Exclusive

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Nike’s CEO Mark Parker has been preaching about the Edit To Amplify’s campaign and we’ve been witnessing its fruits. the campaign aims at doing away with products that do not work;  several GR retros that dropped in the past few years fall in that category. Since the beginning of 2018, the majority of Jordan retros that have dropped have been welcome in the sneaker community. The month of February alone has been loaded with shoes that most sneaker heads won’t pass up and JB is showing no signs of slowing down in the month of March.

Last year’s Virgin Abloh Air Jordan 1 x OFF-WHITE was considered the most coveted shoe of the year. I still disagree with that statement especially if it’s coming from main stream media outlets. I actually wrote about it , see link below

Off- White Air Jordan 1 Most Coveted Shoe Of The Year, Based On What?

Nike is a marketing genius and like I said earlier, the brand is focusing only on products that work so it would be absurd if they don’t capitalize on the Off-White sneakers. At this point, the consumers are enamored with Virgin- Abloh and the Off-White concept so any derivatives of the Off-White will be a success. Consequently Nike has concocted another pair of the Off-White Air Jordan 1, scheduled to come out on March the 3rd. The interesting twist is that the shoes will also be available in Grade School sizes ( in other words kids and women’s), and it makes perfect sense- it’s all about the big dividends. It appears that the Virgin Abloh Air Jordan 1 x OFF-WHITE NRG will only be released in Europe, so I wonder if Nike has a different plan for the US ( maybe a different colorway). I just find it hard to believe that the brand will ignore North America especially when it comes to the Off-White Jordan sneaker. I can’t elaborate on it at this point until Nike gives us an update.


Virgin Abloh Air Jordan 1 x OFF-WHITE NRG

White, March 3rd




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