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This Projected Air Jordan 1 Cargo Ought To Receive An Embargo

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I was very disappointed with an upcoming hybrid pair of the Jordan 3 I came across yesterday on my facebook feed, see picture below..

A shoe to which I left the following comment:

More corny shoes by Jordan brand .. checks and balances are lacking big time.. too bad I didn’t get a chance to rip this shoe on the site.. it’s a pathetic design that is  as close to patching up Frankenstein in the laboratory.. I don’t understand how folks can put time into creating such a grotesque shoe

And to my astonishment, Nike has decided to introduce another  distasteful shoe nicknamed the Jordan 1 “Cargo”. Though it may sound redundant for me to keep stressing the fact that “checks and balances” are a colossal problem for such a major brand as Nike, I think I’ll keep regurgitating the same phrase until it tingles their ears. The Jordan 1 Cargo screams mediocrity and this is the type of shoes that causes retailers’s sales to suffer. The retail industry is in a precarious place as it is and Nike continues to fail to pursue the Edit To Amplify campaign that was announced a year and some change ago. See my posts below that have already dealt with a similar issue

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Check out more pictures of this disgrace

img via SBD

tayib salami

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