The Air Jordan Bin 23 Premio Collection Ought To Continue

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We were treated to one of the best collections from Jordan Brand in 2011, the Jordan Bin 23 Collection. It included a total of five pairs built with high end materials and loaded with practical accessories. I was reading the Jordan Brand’s press release on the collection and the phrase below caught my attention,

 In essence, Bin 23 holds lost stories, resurrected by passion, that are finally ready to be whispered again. Each pair is a treasure, worthy of greatness.

This led me to think that the five pairs we were served haven’t fully disclosed all the hidden stories the general public knows nothing about. Nike has been all about sticking to what works and I think the brand ought to include more sneakers in the Premio collection. And you know what I’m thinking about? Those two years MJ left the NBA and tried playing baseball. What happened? Are there stories we know nothing about that JB hasn’t revealed yet? This is just one amongst many other narratives that can generate more colorways for the Bin 23. I’m just not satisfied with the five pairs and I think the collection is still incomplete.

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tayib salami