The Air Jordan 4 Thunder Might Be Making Another Return Soon & Watch Out For Fake Pairs

The Air Jordan 4 Thunder Might Be Making Another Return Soon & Watch Out For Fake Pairs
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The Air Jordan 4 Thunder might soon be making another return. I spotted a pair of fake Thunder 4 during my routine replica website scan. Counterfeiters are a good way to gauge what might be brewing in nike’s lab as far as upcoming releases are concerned. They serve as a window into Nike’s release calendar. The Jordan 4 Thunder was last retroed in 2012 and didn’t do as well as I anticipated. I remember rushing to my local mall very early with my good friend Kevin to grab a pair. At the time, most retailers were still operating under the First come first served basis. We were each able to grab two pairs and weeks after the shoe was dropped, several retailers still had them on shelves. There has been a sudden shift via retail when it comes to Jordan Retros since Covid-19 hit- they’ve been flying off retailers’ shelves. Nike has also kicked in the Edit To Amplify in full gear and every Jordan Retro that has dropped has been coveted. So It won’t surprise me if the brand announces in the next couple of weeks that the Air Jordan 4 Thunder is dropping. In the meantime , I would advise you to watch out for the fake pairs that have already hit the market.

Here are some of the precautionary measures you can take to avoid being taken advantage of.

1. Smell the shoes ( only if you’ve already made the purchase)

One of the dead giveaway is the smell/odor of the glue uses to construct the replicas. If the glue smell is really strong to the point of irritating your nostrils, then you’ve probably being dealt a counterfeit

2.Proof of Purchase

Ask for a proof of purchase. Receipt must include details such as provenance, time of purchase, date and any other relevant information. If a seller is reluctant to provide that, I will strongly urge to refrain from following through with the purchase.

now let’s check out the differences


The leather material on the fake pair is ashy ( you can see how the black nubuck leather appears to covered in a white powder). The mid section of the midsole has a rugged and sandy surface on the authentic pair ( see yellow square).


This picture shows you how the fake pair has a pasty surface, see red circle. Also the arrow shows you the differences in the stitching ( the spacing between the double stitches is wider on the fake pair).

real vs fake air jordan 4 thunder

The yellow tongue liner is almost non existent on the fake pair, especially on the top portion of the tongue.

real vs fake air jordan 4 thunder 3

The fake air jordan 4 thunder comes in a totally different box; in 2012 most jordan retros came in an all black box. The fake pair box came in a silver -top box. The writing on the label is more bold on the fake pair.

There you have it folks, so far these are the only notable nuances that were spotted.

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Where To Buy Legit Pairs

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