The Air Jordan 19 XIX Flint Grey Ought To Remain In The Doghouse

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The Jordan 19 rhyming with the year 2019 isn’t a good enough reason to bring the shoe back in the market. The Edit To Amplify campaign was specifically intended to do away with products that don’t work and I’m wondering why folks at Nike keep swinging back and forth between opinions. Some shoes are to be left alone and I recently questioned  Nike’s decision to bring back the Nike Rookie sneakers, see my post below

The Price Of The Black Nike Zoom Rookie Has Already Plummeted To $149

Bringing back the Air Jordan 19 XIX falls in the same category of head scratching moments. The Jordan 19 despite its functional attributes was always jeered at. Unless the shoe is extremely limited when it releases, it will be headed directly to a Nike outlet near you after collecting dust on retailers’ shelves. Talking about retailers, they are the ones that continue to pay the consequences since I don’t want to be redundant in my posts, I’ll invite you read check the link below to understand what I’m saying

I’ll say it again, the Air Jordan 19 XIX Flint Grey ought to have been left in the doghouse.


tayib salami