Sneaker Marketplace GOAT To Open Its First Ever Pop Up Gallery

Sneaker Marketplace GOAT To Open Its First Ever Pop Up Gallery

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Sneaker Marketplace GOAT aka Greatest Of All Time is opening its first ever Pop Up Gallery. For those who haven’t heard about GOAT, it’s an app that allows  its users to buy and sell their sneakers safely. They basically play the role of the middleman to allow for safe transactions. According to the company’s website,

GOAT’s three-month pop up gallery  will celebrate the artists, shoes and boutiques that have shaped pop culture and paved the way for sneaker enthusiasts everywhere. The first rotating exhibit, The Greatest: Los Angeles, pays tribute to LA’s impact on global sneaker culture, with its story told through 25 pairs of historically-significant shoes born out of the city.

These sneaker brands whether they agree to this or not heavily depend on sneaker heads to thrive. And as a result, we as consumers need to stop being oblivious to that fact. Kudos to GOAT for this; from what I’ve gathered the 3 month event will not just be limited to displaying iconic sneakers. The even will include ” Q& A’s” sessions with industry legends such as designer Jeff Staple, illustrator Sophia Chang just to name a few.

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This is a brilliant move by GOAT to stand out in an over saturated market. They have to compete with places like Flightclub, Kixify, Ebay, Slang, Stockx and every other mini sneaker marketplace out there. This is a great way to get an edge over their competitors, creating relevant campaigns. I would be interested in analyzing their growth at the end event (website traffic before and after the Event) and checking for any possible correlation if there are notable changes.

The event will kick off officially on Saturday October the 7th, for more details visit GOAT

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