December 19 Scavenger Sneaker Hunt : What I found?

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Sometimes I read articles or posts that irritate me to some extent; such is the case with the supposedly Jordan 1 Fragment that were spotted at Marshalls. it ended up being a ” not so true” story after all . I decided to go back into my “Re-seller mode” today to explain what finding a gold mine really is .The thing is, many dudes on these popular blogs get hung up on the typical hyped sneakers ; they don’t know what scavenging for sneakers really is and probably have never sold a shoe in their life. By the grace of the Living God I’ve put a lot of work into this game, this our lane ( and this is not me bragging) , we do this on a consistent basis, and been doing so for years.
I went on a mini sneaker hunt on Monday to give you a “pre-taste” of what you are missing out on because of hyped sneakers. I visited a few of my spots including my local Nike outlet and found the following:

Air Jordan Retros

Nike Basketball/Running & More


Ewing Athletics

Asics & More

I didn’t have enough time on this particular sneaker hunt and was only able to make two stops. I will be doing these scavenger hunts more often , stay tuned.



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