Quick Look At The Air Jordan 1 Mid Banned 554724 074 , Observations & Buy It Now

Air Jordan 1 Mid Banned 554724 074

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Welcome to Saturday’s edition of Quick Look. Today we’re going to be checking out the Air Jordan 1 Mid Banned. The shoe is obviously nicknamed after its other counterpart , the Jordan 1 High Banned. A similar model was released in 2019 and actually sat on several retailers ‘shelves especially in larger sizes. I think ever since the movie “ the Last Dance ” aired there is been a total increase in sales on Jordan retros. I can’t prove it without numbers but I can tell you that you won’t be able to find many Jordan retros at your local retailers. The  Jordan 1 Mid Banned shoe features a black, red and white upper with a variety of leather materials from the toe box to its heel , see video for details


Product Information/ Where To Buy

Air Jordan 1 Mid Banned

style#554724 074, Black Red-White

MSRP: $115

You can purchase the shoes now from our shop, see details below

 Air Jordan 1 Mid Banned 554724 074


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