PSNY X Air Jordan 15 Suede Olive, The Only Decent Looking One Of Its Kind

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Certain colors have the ability to completely change the way we feel about a shoe. Such is the case with the PSNY X Air Jordan 15 Suede Olive. For the longest time, the Jordan 15 has been the only one in the series I despise the most. And trust me , it’s not only because of the aesthetic but also from a performance standpoint. I owned a pair of Air Jordan XV 15 Stealth that I quickly disposed of after nearly injuring myself in a pick up game. The shoes have no fashion appeal whatsoever; I could understand if they were a great performance shoe, but they are awful on the court as well. My feet felt very loose when I put them on, and I didn’t feel any type of cushioning, even though they are equipped with air zoom units. They don’t balance well and have no stability at all ,so ankle injuries will be frequent with the 15’s. At the time I was wearing them , my weight had skyrocketed to 270 pounds; so I can’t fully blame the shoes for my discomfort.

But for some reason I think I wouldn’t mind Jordan Brand releasing these Jordan 15 suede olive. From what I’ve gathered, they are only going to be from Friends & Family so do not get your hopes up. By the way DTLR has the obsidian 15 on sale now for $129.98.

tayib salami
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