Is A Pair Of Air Jordan 5 Retro Wheat In The Making?

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Nike seems to really have an inclination for flax themed colors, and one of their most popular model is the AF1 Flax. I was just screening a foreign website and I came across a pair of Air Jordan 5 Retro dressed in a wheat on wheat color combination.

I don’t know with certainty whether JB is planning on releasing this colorway or not,  but it wouldn’t surprise me if this becomes an official release in the Fall. Take everything in this post with a grain of salt; these shoes may just be some factory variants manufactured in illegal sweatshops; and I’ve told you before many of the shady factories overseas have mastered the art of creating their own samples using OEM materials ( knowing darn well unsuspecting sneaker heads would drool over them). Or they may just be early samples which have leaked; as soon as a sample is made, all it takes is a factory worker to steal it, take a picture of it, and it spreads like gangrene- that’s how shoes like this air jordan 5 retro wheat end up on eBay or sneaker blogs, etc.. So stay tuned for further updates, and check the pictures below.

For those looking for the Air Force 1 Wheat, they are available on eBay now from our featured sellers, see listings below

tayib salami
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