Packaging Of The Prom Night Jordan 11 Revealed | $250 Still Unjustified

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I wrote a post about a month ago concerning the $250 price tag on the Air Jordan 11 prom night, see link below.
 I was basically  trying to figure out if there were any valid reasons why Nike was charging $250 for the shoes. And one of the reasons I mentioned was packaging;  it seems like the official pictures of the accessories /package the shoes are coming with were released today and the $250 price tag still can’t be justified. The box being used now has been the standard box ever since the concord dropped in 2011. There was only one exception ( the bred 11 in 2012 and its box was actually a downgrade).
So I’m amazed that people aren’t seeing this as a problem. New balance has released 1500 pairs of the of NB990  and is charging only $100 for them. And do you know why? To pay homage to the original model that was dropped in 1980. Nike is releasing a shoe to celebrate “prom night” and is actually charging $30 more than the standard $220. If the brand plans on honoring the graduates, there has to be an incentive, but Nike is doing the complete opposite ( overcharging ). You can read my entire post about it for further details, see link above.

Here are pictures of the box

standard slide out box with a foggy top cover

tayib salami