Off- White Air Jordan 1 Most Coveted Shoe Of The Year, Based On What?

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Let me show you this excerpt from Footwear News before I give you my own assessment,

This year, designer Virgil Abloh has scored the coveted Shoe of the Year honor, following in the footsteps of the Adidas Stan Smith, Kanye West’s Adidas Yeezy Boost and Rihanna’s Fenty Puma Creeper. Abloh’s Air Jordan 1 sneaker from his “The Ten” collection with Nike truly set off a feeding frenzy in the market. The extremely limited-edition style is coveted by sneaker aficionados and celebrities alike. Roger Federer is such a fan he wore them on the court, and resellers are now listing pairs for upwards of $2,280.

Personally I think the Virgin Abloh Off-White Collection isn’t creative at all; adding a few zip ties, random words and a Nike location on a shoe doesn’t make it special. The Jordan 1 was already a classic shoe so I’m not sure how the  elements I mentioned above added anything to the shoe. Of course the Off- white AJ1 will be coveted because it’s limited; FN is stating the obvious. They are talking as if this was something out of the ordinary. I know my argument sounds redundant but evaluating the popularity of a shoe based on the fact that it’s extremely limited is very asinine in my opinion, especially coming from the mainstream industry. I wonder if they actually went around and collected data from individuals in the sneaker community;it’s one thing to go on eBay and look for completed listings to make a prediction. It’s another thing to actually walk on the streets and collect actual data. Until they do that, I can’t respect any awards they give regardless of how popular their platform is, this is pure comedy. Done with my rant, enjoy your day.

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