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Nike And Early Release Sneakers | A New Twist To The Story

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This post was birthed out of an observation  I made while studying the resale market value of several Jordan Retros. I didn’t give it much thought until last week when I was checking the market value of some key sneakers. What I’ll do in this post is give you a few scenarios and will let you draw your own conclusions. We are all familiar with Early Release sneakers; for those who don’t know, let me quickly give you the definition. They are shoes that are available from third party merchants before their due release date. There was a time where getting shoes ( especially Jordan Retros) early was popular. But this soon became problematic because it was discovered that the early sneakers were fake. There are still tons of websites selling shoes very early, fakes of course ( at times 6 months before their due date). Today’s post is not about this breed of early release sneakers but  authentic sneakers that are available early.

Fake Sneakers Have Now Graduated, Here Come The 98.9%ers


I’ve already showed you two ways third party merchants get their hands on early release sneakers. The other possible option will probably blow your mind. The orange and white Gatorae Jordan 6, the Altitude Green 13’s and many other retros were available up to two weeks before their release date on eBay for below retail. If you don’t believe me , look at my market value report on each one of them and you’ll see the evidence. I’m sure many of you probably think the shoes are fake. But I can guarantee you that each of the shoe was being sold by reputable sellers with solid credentials, in other words the shoes are 100% authentic. If that’s the case , how are they getting them? Some sellers on third party marketplaces probably  have ties with Nike account holders. As a Nike account holder, you’re allowed to purchase the shoe at a wholesale price. And if you can buy the shoe at a discounted price, you’re probably trying to sell the item as fast as you can. Sneakers, especially jordan retros have been collecting dust on shelves so the earlier you can get rid of them, the better. So as a Nike account holder, you can easily link up with third party sellers and allow them to sell your merchandise early at a discounted price. And if that’s the case, I can see why many sneakers are available on third party marketplaces early. Do I tangible proofs? No I don’t but can I build a case based on corroborating evidence? YES.

I’ll say no more and will let you sort this out yourself. But one thing I know is that there will be a great shake up in months to come and many retailers will be chastened.


tayib salami

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