Nike Is Creating The Largest Air Jordan Collection | You Can Be Part Of The History

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Have you browsed Nike’s website lately; well the brand is on the mission to create the largest air jordan collection archives in the world and is inviting sneaker heads  to be part of the history. To contribute to the catalog, in Nike’s own words,

 take your best photo and share on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #AirJordanCollection.

And who wouldn’t want to be featured in these archives; you have to appreciate Nike’s genius. Everyone is talking about how Jordan Brand is dead and no one cares about retros. Did you understand what Nike just did with this challenge? This is a takeover: how many sneaker blogs do you know out there that have created Jordan Retro archives? and How many of those archives really involve the sneaker heads? Nike just took it up to another level; creating this catalog ( which will end up being the largest in the whole world) is basically stripping away traffic from any other sneaker blogs or sneaker news website. If I can go straight to Nike and get the information that I need, why would I bother going elsewhere? Do you get my point? This is another by-product of the Nike DTC ( Direct To consumer) push which basically aims at doing away with their distribution channels. Nike understands the power of connecting with its consumers and if the brand can reach its audience directly without the help of another media company, why wouldn’t they do that? I’m just eager to see what other tricks the brand has up its sleeve. Only time will tell, for more about the DTC campaign, check the post below


tayib salami