Are These New Nike Air Jordans in Michael Jordan’s Hands?

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As per usual, TMZ is starting something. According to the Harvey Levin megasite, Michael Jordan has a pair of Jordans that may be either: 1) Hot of the press new Nike Air Jordans or 2) a custom pair of Jordans made just for Mike.

The basketball legend was NOT photographed wearing the mystery Nike Air Jordans.  Mike was photographed holding the black Jordans with white soles while boating in Barbados.

To see Michael Jordan holding the mystery Air Jordan’s click here for a photo posted on the TMZ website.

In a so far fruitless investigation, TMZ requested an examination of the photographic evidence from multiple experts, including Jordan Geller of ShoeZeum fame, according to TMZ Sports.

CC Image The Greatest Courtesy of Achim Hepp

In our own investigation, we have also been unable to identify these Jordans up until this point.  After careful scrutiny of all known photographs, we are truly stumped.

Do you know what these mystery Jordans are?

I’m gonna say these are some custom joints.  Am I right or am I right?

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