Hopefully JB Won’t Release This Multicolored Winterized Air Jordan 9 NRG

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Frank Cooker of Jordan Brand published a post on his IG in the following words,

The cool thing about working through a winterized update to an iconic silhouette like the AJ IX is that the team can have a little fun with color blocking. It gives us a visual to work off of to see what works and what doesn’t work

And he added the #trustthesampleprocess hashtag to it; hopefully this is only a sample that never materializes. If these were to drop, I can guarantee you that they will collect most dust than Indiana Jones artifacts. This is the most hideous colorway I’ve ever come across and to apply that to one of my favorite silhouette ( the Jordan 9) is blasphemous. The color distribution is very random and there is no harmony between them. Our current generation has been plagued with this idea of “uniqueness”. There is nothing wrong with being unique but uniqueness has to have some type of common sense in the midst of being abstract. I’m not sure if that sentence made any sense but sneaker brands have to really understand the consumer; it seems like a lot of the brands are one track minded; they find an idea that works and they milk the heck out of it i.e. the NMD’s, the myriad of collabs, etc.. and it leads to mediocre work. Well I hope this sample winterized multicolored Jordan 9 stays in the sample locker.


tayib salami