My Goodness, The Fake Air Jordan 13 Olive Is Tempting |Don’t Get Got

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From the very first time Jordan Brand announced that the Air Jordan 13 Olive was projected for 2018, I was already on the bandwagon, and I still am. The colorway is just breathtaking; the initial pictures of the shoes indicated that the uppers were  tumbled and suede leather built but yesterday, many sneaker blogs released newer pictures of the shoes that happened to show an all suede leather upper. Now here is the problem: are the shoes they are showing confirmed official pictures from legitimate sources of Jordan Brand? And here is why I’m making this assertion. I found a site known for carrying fakes that has the same shoe with the exact features for sale as of now. And this is why we all have to be very careful and exercise wisdom. Don’t just blindly accept everything a sneaker site is showing or telling you, everything must be tested.

I’m Coming Out Of Retirement For The Air Jordan 13 Olive 414571-006

I know this may sound like I’m a double minded man because I condemn replicas, but I have to admit that these bootleg Jordan 13’s Olive are tempting. It’s to the point where flaws on the fakes are minuscule. I would be interested in deconstructing them to see if these actually have legitimate zoom units in them. If there is anything you can take out of this post it’s this one thing: DON’T BE A SUCKA, TEST EVERYTHING. See the pictures below and stay away anyone carrying these Jordan 13’s olive early because you know where they are getting it from. Unfortunately I do not have any official pictures for a side by side comparison.


tayib salami