Gem From Japan: Jordan 16 Ginger Unworn | Selling For $195

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Before I became a father and a family man, I had my share of frivolous purchases; I remember buying a total of 3 pairs of the Jordan 16 ginger during my college days. Those were the times when Champs had a sale bin with all types of Jordan retro selling for as low as $79. I remember picking up a pair of Mocha 3 for $89 in 2003 from the sale basket. The Jordan 16 ginger was and still is one of my favorite sneakers of all time.

They feature a light ginger and dark color combination and feature a durabuck/suede upper with the added leather strap for a sleek look. I found a pair on sale currently on “Yahoo auction Japan“; for those who don’t know Japan has some of the best shoe collectors in the world and most of these guys keep their sneakers on ice. That’s why it isn’t suprising to find unworn older Jordan models on Japanese online shoe shops.

The auction below is for a size 10 pair of Jordan 16 ginger and will probably end in the next 24 hours. The only way you can buy these is through a shopping proxy service; some of them are quite expensive so for anyone interested in buying the shoes please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to find you a cheaper alternative. Here are the pictures and the link to the auction.


tayib salami
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