Find Out Why $500 For The Air Jordan DMP 13 14 Finals Pack Is A Rip Off

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The Air Jordan DMP 13 14 Finals Pack will officially release on June 14; the pack will include a pair of the Jordan 13 and 14 Retros in white and black respectively with gold highlights to commemorate MJ and the bulls final NBA championship. The pack is set to sell for $500; at first I thought the price was decent till I went back in memory lane, and considered the Air Jordan 6/11 DMP pack. It was released in 2006 and retailed for $300; some of you may ask: what does that pack have to do with the 13/14 Dmp pack? Well I’m going to use it to show you how much Jordan Brand is ripping us off. First we all can agree that the 6/11 DMP pack is by far the best pack ever dropped by JB next to the raging bull back.

The DMP 6/11 came in a gold box with two compartments and each had a cover with MJ’s graphics on it. Contrast that with the Jordan 13/14 pack that comes only with a single wide box containing both shoes and no extra cover, see pic below:

I’m not going to argue about the shoes included in the package, but we all know that the Jordan 11 Retro is probably the most sought after model in MJ’s collection, and the retro 6 is also very popular. But my argument isn’t about the shoes ( even though we could stop here and confidently say that the retro 11 & 6 DMP are better than the Retro 13 & 14 DMP); I’ll focus more on the packaging. If you look at the picture above, you can clearly see how simple the Jordan 13/14 package  is : all you have are the shoes , a box with some very dull graphics; and inside the box , the story telling is mediocre. But the DMp 11/6 is rich with stories- it includes a booklet informing the buyers about MJ’s first title with the bulls ( in 1991, the same year in which the Jordan 6 was introduced); in addition to that, it also informs you about MJ’s first title coming out of his first retirement in 1996. Moreover each shoe had a gold hang tag with a brief description of MJ’s achievements, see pictures below

You had all of these extra gifts in the DMP 6/11 pack and it only cost $300; but some will say that it was 2006 and things have changed and inflation ought to have been considered. Guess what: if the DMP 6/11 pack were to drop this year again, based on the CPI inflation calculator, it would only cost $369.93.

So how can Jordan Brand justify selling the DMP 13/ 14 pack with no extra accessories for $500? We need answers.

Once again, it’s up to the consumer to exercise sound judgement when making these purchases; I don’t and can’t control your money, but I do think buyers need to be smarter and stop acting like mindless sheep that are too gullible to question products they are being offered by greedy brands such as “….you fill in the blank”.

Basically you are paying $130 more than you are supposed to, or 35% more than you ought to pay based on the inflation


tayib salami
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5 years ago

Wow! Nice work bro. I work with you and I have to give respect on a solid article.

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