EMINEM Air Jordan 4 For 2018, Another By Product Of Nike’s Edit To Amplify

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Evidences of  Nike’s Edit To Amplify campaign continue to pile up as the brand keeps foreshadowing the sneakers on its 2018  release calendar. Last week, we were told about the return of another all time sneaker heads favorite- the Air Jordan 11 Concord, which to me is not surprising at all. Nike is doing exactly what they say they will do,
do away with products that don’t work and give their attention to those that work .
But bringing back a shoe like the Eminem Air Jordan 4 is bit of a surprise to me. The Eminem 4 was a tribute to his ENCORE album, and only 50 pairs of the sneakers were made available to friends and family. I’m curious to know why Jordan Brand will retro a shoe like that; it’s only a rumor but it leaves us wondering.
If you take a look at all the shoes that have released in the past year, everything leads us to believe that the brand might be in bad shape to some extent. Two days ago I wrote a post showing you how shoes are being sold on eBay for below retail before they even hit retailers shelves.  I think Nike is being very proactive about reestablishing the value of “BRAND JORDAN” hence bringing back some of its most exclusive styles. Remember Nike also said that in 2018, scarcity will also be one of the brand’s main objective which  makes perfect sense. The goal is to recreate a positive image for  Jordan Brand because it has lost its flair/glamour. Nike is also determined to do away with its wholesale distribution channel, so what better way to do that than to create a lot of buzz in the market.
Will the Eminem Air Jordan 4 actually make a return? I don’t know but if it does, will it be a GR? I hope Nike is smart enough  not to obliterate what ever is left of Jordan Brand good name.
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tayib salami