Early Look At The 2017 Air Jordan 11 Retro Wool Grey

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The most talked about release of the year is the Air Jordan 11 Space Jam; but JB has been given us a foretaste of the 2017 line up. The Air Jordan 11 Retro Wool Grey is the new addition to the “AJ 11” model , and will see the light next year.


The shoes feature a black and grey upper along with a white midsole. They are covered in a premium linty wool material with leather overlays near the heel. For the first time, the back of the heel will not bear the customary number “23”-I don’t know if this new adjustment will sit well with Jordan heads. They also won’t have any patent leather on the toe box and side panels. Branding comes in the classic Jumpman on the outsole and the upper part of the heel. Black round laces, black and grey carbon fiber shanks and a milky toebox complete the look of the shoe.


As much as I like the aesthetic of the 11’s, they are one of the most uncomfortable shoes in my opinion. They are cut a little too narrow near the toe box and probably not suitable for people with wider feet- they literally squeeze your feet. JB wanted to create a performance shoe that could also be used as a dress shoe, and I think they accomplish the latter- I have seen many people rocking the AJ11 concord on their wedding day.

The Air Jordan 11 retro Wool Grey are definitely winterized and will keep your feet warm during those cold winter days. There is no official release date on them yet, stay tuned for further updates and enjoy the pictures below.

air-jordan-11-retro-wool-grey-2 air-jordan-11-retro-wool-grey-3


A month and half ago, the jordan 12 wool released and did extremely well; some of oyu may have missed out on them. If you did, they are available on eBay, see listing below

tayib salami
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