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Nike is definitely taking its role as a narrator very seriously. The air.jordan.com site is one of the only places I visit to actually read sneaker stories from a player’s perspective. The platform is the perfect window into the brand’s ambassadors’s lives. Last week, I shared an interesting story about the Dubai streetballers and how they are giving the country a new face, see post below

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This week Chris Paul aka CP3 took center stage and shared very interesting childhood stories about basketball and his relationship with Jordan Brand. The Air Jordan 1 OG shadow was featured in the article ( via pictures only); they are scheduled to release this coming Saturday and it makes perfect sense for Jordan Brand to include the shoes in CP3’s interview. Nike didn’t have to do that, people are going to buy the shoes either way ( they are highly anticipated). But what Nike is telling the consumer is that

we aren’t just interested in your money, we want you to do life with us…

Now you can interpret it however you want but this is how I viewed it and I think that is brilliant. While most sneaker blogs are telling you where to buy the AJ1 OG shadow, Nike is actually giving you the opportunity to experience Chris Paul while looking at the OG Shadow 1. I’ll  invite you to read the entire article via air.jordan.com for more info.

CP3 lacing up his air jordan 1 og shadow. Not a single word was mentioned anything about the shoes till the bottom of the article where the reader is reminded that they are dropping on Saturday April 14th

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