Bootleggers With Another Astonishing Creation , The Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Chicago Edition

Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Chicago CD 4487 100

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Thursday is the day that I’ve designated to edit my online shop, so I usually refrain from writing any posts on the website. But I couldn’t resist the urge of writing a quick post on this bootleg Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Chicago I came across. The replica industry has a knack for giving sneaker heads exactly what they want. We all know that the Jordan 1 has been the most coveted silhouette as far as  Jordan retros for the past four years. Moreover any shoes dressed in the Chicago Bulls red, white and black team colors tend to create a frenzy among sneaker lovers. Add to that the backward swoosh logo courtesy of Travis Scott and you have in your hands a gem, and that’s exactly what the replica industry has done. Take a look at the pictures below

Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Chicago CD 4487 100 Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Chicago CD 4487 100 Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Chicago CD 4487 100 Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Chicago CD 4487 100

Now let me tell you how ingenious these folks are. They know that it would be hard for people to search and find this shoe via google search unless they have access to a replica website. So they came up with a clever way to make this shoe searchable, see the picture below and I’ll tell you exactly what they did

Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Chicago 7

They’ve pretty much ascribed to this shoe the style # of the Dark Mocha Travis Scott Jordan 1, which means that when you type in the following ” CD4487 100″ via google, at some point this sneaker will show up. I’m not sure why Jordan Brand didn’t come up with this colorway before bootleggers. This is a no brainer, if Nike were to release a Chicago Bulls inspired Travis Scott Jordan 1 in substantial numbers, I’m talking even a million pairs, they would sell out immediately. With the current state of the sneaker community where folks no longer get excommunicated for wearing, buying or selling fakes, if a 1000 people were shown this bootleg pair, I bet you  75% will not hesitate to pull the trigger on it.  All the replica industry has to do is call the shoe a pair of custom and that’s an easy pass. I’m not promoting the sale of fake sneakers but let’s face the reality, the modern day sneaker head is a rebel and I wrote about the reasons behind this rebellion, see post below

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