The Air Jordan XXXII 32 Gatorade AA1256-100 Is Loaded With Details

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I wasn’t very fond of the air Jordan 6 Gatorade,  Nike took the cheap route and was biting off the Carmine 6. But the Air Jordan XXXII 32 Gatorade looks amazing. I did not think I would say this about a hybrid pair of Air Jordan sneakers.

They embody the Gatorade theme quite well and the color combination and distribution were well executed. I’m actually out of words to describe them, I will let them pictures do all the talking. They are coming out in the month December and you can count on  me to scoop up a pair.


Air Jordan XXX 32 Gatorade

Style#AA1256-100, $185

img via SBD

My only problem with these shoes are the price point. They need to review the $195 price tag on them. As much as I like them, I certainly will not be forking out close to $200 for these. They aren’t fully leather built , as a matter of fact I think this is synthetic leather combined with flyknit materials so why are being charged almost $200 for them. JB needs to do better with the prices.

Air Jordan 6 Gatorade Or Carmine 384664 145 | Nobody Cares About “Being Like Mike” Anymore

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