Air Jordan Legacy 312 Low Projected For 2019, Shapeless & Nonsensical

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If this abomination of a shoe is indeed projected for 2019 ( I’m referring to the Jordan Legacy 312 Low), then I’ll definitely be convinced that checks and balances are lacking on Nike’s part. I’m hoping this is just a farce that someone decided to troll the internet with. The sneaker is obviously a rip off of the Air Jordan 3 “black cement” that looks as if it was pressed down- it is shapeless, uninspired and lacks in continuity and the color combination is very inconsistent. The Jordan Legacy 312 High was disastrous to begin with and its current market value in both the retail and the third party marketplaces screams FAILURE. Just check a the screenshot below just to see how horrible the shoe is performing.

There is a reason why I chose the colorway above, I’m trying to make a point here- this is the best iteration out of all the five styles  via Finishline and it’s still available in basically all  sizes even at a discounted price. Now if this colorway is hardly selling how do you think the grotesque Legacy 312 low will do? Once again retailers find themselves in a precarious place with every frivolous release Nike decides to put in the market. You can watch the videos below that explains the situation at hand

MAIN img via SBD
tayib salami