Air Jordan 7 & 8 Reflections Of A Champion, What Should We Expect?

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Three pairs were included in the Reflections of a Champion pack i.e the Jordan 6,7 and 8. Nike chose to give the 6’s exclusively to major retailers i.e Footlocker, Finishline and Hibbett while the 7’s and 8’s were given to both major and minor chains. I wrote a projection post on the Jordan 6 a couple of days ago and came up with a total of 48,000 pairs made and predicted poor retail sales as well, see post below

Air Jordan 6 Retro Reflections Of A Champion CI4072-001| How Many Pairs Possibly Made?

Determining the number of pairs of the Jordan 7’s and 8’s produced will be an easy task. A week ago the Air Jordan 7 Ray Allen edition dropped and a quick look at Footlocker’s launch locator map shows a lot of similarities between the Ray Allen 7’s and the Reflection of a Champion 7’s. Therefore I’ll assume that the manufactured units were the same hence 60,000 pairs. And I will also assume based on this that 60,000 pairs of the Jordan 8’s Reflection of A Champion were produced. Now the question remains- What can we expect in the retail market? To answer that question, we just need to take a look at both shoes’s performance in third party marketplaces. Let’s start with the Air Jordan 7 and check eBay’s records first

air jordan 7 reflections of a champion ebay data

There are only four recorded sales for the 60+ listings ( featuring sizes 8-13) on eBay at the moment. What I’m trying to say is this. For the 720+ pairs listed on eBay , only four were sold at an average of $283.25 ( that’s a 19.01% markup since the shoe cost $220+ before tax ). The sale ratio is about 4/720 or 0.55% ( which is very very bad). Now let’s see how the shoe is doing on StockX

air jordan 7 reflections of a champion stockX data

Stockx only recorded 31 sales at an average of $253; the data is painting a very grim picture for retailers. The pre-release sales are minimal and insignificant, which implies that folks are not eager to spend their hard earned dollars on this shoe.

Let’s not forget that the all black Yeezy 350 V2 is releasing this week end; folks’s eyes are glued on the Yeezy and no amount of reflective material on any pair of Jordan retros will take that attention away. I’m basically saying that retailers find themselves in the middle of the avalanche again- the air jordan 7 & 8 reflections of a champion will remain cemented on retailers’s shelves for weeks.


air jordan 7 reflection of a champion BV6281-006

Air Jordan 7 Reflection of A Champion

style#BV6281-006, $225



air jordan 8 reflections of a champion CI4073-001

Air Jordan 8 Reflections of A Champion

style#CI4073-001, $225




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