Air Jordan 6 Diffused Blue Jimmy Butler 384664-400 | How Many Made?

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Jimmy Butler has definitely turned the Philadelphia Sixers into serious contenders in the Eastern Conference. The upcoming “diffused blue ” Air Jordan 6 is nicknamed after him and I think it had to do with the fact that while a member of the Timberwolves, he was spotted in a game with a pair of Jordan 10 in a similar color. I do not believe that attaching Butler’s name to the shoe is going to affect sales at all via Retail ( we’ll see once the shoe drops). My boring job this evening is to figure out the number of pairs produced and honestly I’m not excited about the endeavor.  Only major retailers ( Footlocker & derivatives, finishline, Hibbett) and Nike are getting the shoe based on my google search and recent scouting. I’ll lean on the following assumptions:

Footlocker, FTA and Champs will receive about 1/3 of the entire inventory ( Eastbay and Champs received nothing)

Their online locations will receive about 1/3 of the inventory the stores are getting.

.Eastbay will receive about a 1/3 of the number all three online locations are receiving

.Each physical location will receive an average of 18 pairs

About  335 FTL stores will be given an inventory ( all HOH included plus select other FTL stores), 270 FTA stores and 133 Champs stores will be considered.

FTL numbers= 335 x 18=6030 and FTA = 270 x 18=4860 and Champs = 133 x 18 =2394. Now let’s estimate the online stores’s numbers,

(FTL + FTA + Champs )online = (6030+4860+ 2394)/3=4428

and the Total from Footlocker & derivatives = 6030 + 4860 + 2394+4428=17712 ( notice that I even neglected Eastbay)

And the Grand Total would be =17712 x 3=53,136 pairs or let say 60,000 pairs.

Let’s see what type of sneakers the Air Jordan 6 is up against this week end

Finishline release calendar
Hibbett Sports release calendar

Also releasing this weekend is a pair of the Jordan 8 “Air Raid” so my verdict on the Jimmy Buttler Jordan 6 is- Mediocre. There are barely any sales recorded on eBay ( only two sales recorded, see screenshot below)

I think the market value is going to drop by $20 in before January the 1st and the shoes are going to be heading towards the Nike outlet very soon.


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