The Air Jordan 5 Returns Mightily This Year In Striking Colors

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Jordan Brand has definitely taken a different trajectory in 2018 and it was engendered by the poor performance of many of their Jordan Retros in the past 4 years. The Jordan line has been met with a lot of contempt and outlets became most of the GR Retros final destination. When you think about it, Jordan Brand didn’t lose money in the grand scheme of things; a lot of these shoes were overpriced under the pretense that JB was fighting reselling. So they ended up at the outlets at a 20% + discount; for example the Pure Money 4’s were at the outlet for $149.99 ( they were originally priced at $190). Based on the inflation they should have been priced at $149.99 from the beginning, now do you see my point?

Anyway I went off track, the post was supposed to be about the upcoming Air Jordan 5 sneakers. I really like both colorways especially the orange peel’s. They remind me of the Shawn Marion Phoenix Suns Jordan 5. I think for once the design team made use of their “grey matter”. The color combination was put together well and I can see these shoes doing extremely well in the summer time. Now the Jordan 5 “Bred” is more conservative and to be honest, I could do without them. In my opinion, JB should’ve just stuck with the Orange Peel colorway. Interestingly enough the “Bred 5” is the one releasing in the Summer ( it doesn’t look like a summer shoe to me). Check out the pictures below and let me know your thoughts on both iterations.


Air Jordan 5 Orange Peel

Style#136027-148, 9/8/18, $190

Air Jordan 5 BRED

Style#136027-006, Summer 2018, $190

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img via zsneakerheadz

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