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Air Jordan 5 Michigan, Definitely A By Product Of The Edit To Amplify

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This morning I was very encouraged by what I witnessed in my local mall; the Bred 4 made its official return today in its OG form and I wanted to do a bit of scouting on it, see post below

Air Jordan 4 Bred Quick Retail Release Report & Observations

The sole purpose of the report was to show that when Nike releases the right shoe ( in other words products that consumer are looking for) good things happen. I was checking out Kicksonfire and came across what looks like a pair Jordan 5 inspired the University of Michigan, and there is no doubt that the shoe is going to fly off shelves comes August the 10th. I’m a bit dejected about its suggested retail price though, $225. I will be writing about that in weeks to come so stay tuned and in the meantime enjoy the pictures below

tayib salami

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