From The Air Jordan 31 To The Air Jordan XXXII 32 , Big Contrast

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The Air Jordan XXXII 32 was inspired by the original Air Jordan 2. I was a bit taken back by the major differences in the silhouette between the Jordan 31 and 32 but I was told that JB has been basically retooling the original Jordan sneakers with the 30+ models hence the contrast between both models. Last year the 31 was engineered to mimic the Jordan 1 and this year the Jordan 2 gets its own metamorphosis.

I’ve never been really fond of the AJ2 so I’ll admit that I’m not very thrilled with the aesthetic of the jJrdan 32, but  JB has gone back to the basics- PERFORMANCE. So with the 30+, the brand has been dedicated to deliver highly functional sneakers that will allow the athlete/wearer to perform at a top level on the court. From what I see in the picture, the shoes feature a combination of synthetic leather and knit materials from the toe box to the heel. The quarter panel and the back panels are covered with ridges while the toe box and the foot bridges feature flyknit materials. From the looks of it, the midsole will be equipped with zoom units at the forefoot and the heel for maximum cushioning. And the outsole will be covered with an interesting pattern in the shape of rhombus for superior traction. Also to be mentioned is the midfoot carbon fiber shank intended to lighten up the weight of the shoes and for torsional rigidity. The Air Jordan XXXII 32 will debut on October 18 as indicated on the outsole. Stay tuned for further updates.

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tayib salami
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