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The Air Jordan 3 III Seoul Was Another Strategic Move By Nike

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I’m surprised it took  Nike these many years  to finally release a shoe to commemorate Korea’s sneakerheads . The brand may not openly admit that they are heavily taping into the Korean market but that’s exactly what’s happening. It’s just another layer of the CDO ( consumer direct offense). Chris from ARCH and I have been selling sneakers to buyers from Korea for a while and we have records to back it up. Korea has a large sneakerheads’s community and because the country doesn’t get enough inventory from Nike, they are compelled to buy from North America.

From 2010 to 2017, 20 to 30% of my customers were from Korea. They either bought items from me and had me ship them to a shipping center in New Jersey or directly to Korea. I even did a fair amount of wholesale business with Korean bulk buyers. I wonder why Nike wasn’t invested in Korea as much as they are in China. Hall Of Famer Bill Russell once said,

the game of basketball has always been and will always be about buckets

As far as Nike is concerned, the footwear game is about performance and substantial revenues. Consequently the brand has to go where their products are celebrated the most. If Korea is a growing market that is infatuated with Nike’s sneakers, it only makes sense for the brand to shift its eyes toward Korea, and the Air Jordan 3 III Seoul is the best way to break grounds.

img via Nike


According to Nike, the Air Jordan III Seoul commemorates the 30-year anniversary of the city’s hosting of summer games and the moment Michael Jordan won the 1988 Slam Dunk Contest.The Taegukgi (Korean flag) inspires the shoe’s overall color scheme, with the “taeguk” symbol expressed through the lining and collar’s blue and red and the white upper representing peace and purity (as it does on the flag). 서울 (Seoul) is featured on the left inner tongue, while the 1988 summer games motto 화합과 전진 (Harmony and Progress) is featured on the right inner tongue. The heel reads “Nike Air” in a clear nod to the original Air Jordan III.

Release Date: March 10 via and at the Jordan Hongdae store.

img via Nike
img via Nike

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