Air Jordan 16 CEO Or All Star, Shallow Backstory, Too Expensive $250???

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The amount of nonsense keeps piling up as Jordan Brand desperately tries to revive its cultic appeal. On one hand, they are  eliminating products that do not work, and on the other hand they are completely undoing everything they preach. 2018 is supposed to take JB back to its golden days when Jordan Retros were as french people call it-oiseau rare ( a time where Jordan Retros had the same effect Supreme products carry). I think its brilliant for the brand to want to reestablish itself in that manner but several shoes on their current release calendar leave a lot to be desired.

The Air Jordan 16 CEO for example in my opinion should have never been considered. The backstory sucks,

they were supposedly made to pay tribute  to Michael Jordan being the CEO and majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets NBA team

Really? Who the heck cares and who are these shoes intended for? Do you hear how ridiculous the backstory sound? How can I as a consumer relate to MJ being the majority owner of the Hornets? So I’m supposed to dish out $250 to celebrate this milestone of his? Are we even talking about sports and performance anymore? I’m not hating , I just don’t see any connection between the consumer and Michael Jordan with these Air Jordan 16 CEO; and in typical Jordan Brand fashion, they made only 2300 pairs, which I believe is to pay tribute to his #23, basically adding a “cool” factor to it. Well let’s call a spade a spade- this was weak.


They remind me a lot of the 2017 Air Jordan All Star edition; the iridescent detail on the toe box, the midsole and the hexagon on the sockliner are all features that were present on the AJ1 and AJ6 All Star. Don’t get me wrong, the shoes are nice but the price, the backstory and the limited numbers are all a gimmick. Will it sell out? It might just because of the limited numbers. I guess this Jordan Brand’s intention so what can I say?

Air Jordan 16 CEO

$250, October 20, 2017


tayib salami