Images Of the Air Jordan 11 Retro Wool Have Emerged- THE HECK???

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As soon as I heard about the Air Jordan 11 retro wool release rumors, i was very excited to see what they would look like. Well i didn’t have to wait long to see images flooding the social media outlets yesterday. My initial reaction when i saw the pics was “…what the HECK????” JB somehow always finds a way to ruin a nice silhouette; these look straight garbage to me, the wool material just doesn’t fit right with the shoes, and that white midsole definitely ruins it for me. I wish they will either just release the cool grey 11 in its original colorway or just flat out leave the shoes alone. I was doing some internet cruising a month ago and came across the picture below, I wish Nike would release a shoe like this instead, what do you guys think?


Sometimes initial pictures of a product can be misleading because the product is still in the making, hence I don’t want to sound like a grumpy old man and be too critical of these first pics of the Air Jordan 11 retro wool. I will stop here and wait for your assessment on them.

tayib salami
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