Should You Buy The Air Jordan 11 Retro Space Jam Early?

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The Air Jordan 11 retro space jam is set to release on December 10. The shoes were made famous by the movie “Space Jam” in which MJ himself was the main character; they are built with a combination of mesh on the upper part with patent leather overlays. An instant classic like most of the other Jordan 11 Retro’s, they sport a white midsole and feature a carbon  fiber shank on the medial side of the shoe for lightweight.


I have seen many sellers on ebay with these Air Jordan 11 retro space jam on hand already; they claim they have special access to early inventory. I’m not saying it is impossible, but unfinished products and early samples do not come in full size run. Furthermore , most stockists usually get their inventory 14 to 21 days prior to the official release date. The shoes aren’t due till December 10 – my conclusion is anyone selling them early now is probably carrying  fakes. Some will say:” man,… they look  real and even have official stamps and everything on them?”My answer is: nothing is impossible in good old “Putian”, the main headquarters of pirate factories.


Fake pairs
Fake pairs
Fake pairs


Do you see the pictures above? Did you see how they even spell ” others?”How would you know which is real or fake ? This is exactly what I am talking about. If you are “OKAY” with buying fakes , I have absolutely no problem with it, as long as you know what they are. My gripe is with the sellers who knowingly pass these off as legitimate pairs. Years ago, I used to buy a lot of Jordans from china and sold them on eBay and even sent some to consignment shops; to my shame, I will admit that I had serious doubts about some of the shoes I purchased ( they were cheap and some had minor cosmetic flaws). A few were returned to me by the consignee who said” We don’t think these are fake, but we can not verify that they are authentic, so we decided to return them to you”.

My word of advice to buyers is to stay away from early shoes to avoid getting burned, and keep checking our Legit Check and other guys like Fake Education who do a phenomenal job of exposing fakes.

You can buy legitimate pairs from the featured sellers in the listings below


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