The Air Jordan 11 Midnight Navy To Release Sooner, Why?

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I’m no longer interested in looking at sneakers from a consumer perspective. Whether it be sneakers, electronics, household items, etc, the smart consumer must understand that these big corporations and brands actually hire psychologists to study the stimuli behind our buying habits. All this in order to find ways to generate more sales; so when Jordan Brand decides to change the release date of the Air Jordan 11 Midnight Navy from Black Friday to November 11, I must ask myself the question: Why?

Let’s face it, Jordan Brand has lost its flair, and what I’m trying to convey is that it no longer creates a rise of anticipatory emotions within the heart of the average sneaker head. And when a product loses this aspect of its identity, sales will decline. To stay relevant, a brand must rely on content creation and the ability to connect with its loyalists. I think reducing the Air Jordan 3 black cement price from $220 to $200 was a great incentive by Nike and that is exactly what the brand needs to do to keep its head above waters. You can read about that in the post below

The 2018 Air Jordan 3 Black Cement Price Was Reduced To $200 | Find Out Why?

I think changing the date of the Jordan 11 midnight navy was geared toward garnering enough attention to stay relevant. You’ll see that every sneaker blog, every social media outlet will be talking or writing about it this week. And the one thing that most people will be interested in, is speculating about what shoes will replace the Navy AJ11. Now you see where I’m going with it, it’s a strategic move by Jordan Brand to remain germane. Adidas has been spot on with contemporary campaigns that are so connected with today’s society and its current trends and struggles. Nike is still doing the right thing by remaining in their lane- performance and sport. But to remain dominant, the brand will have to also rely on campaigns and content that can resonate with today’s consumer. And Nike is very smart and that is exactly what is being done now with things such as reducing prices, changing release dates, basically creating a lot of buzz to remain in the news. I don’t know if I have quite answered the question but I’ll invite you to consider your own reasons why you think JB changed the date.

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