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I didn’t find out about the Air Jordan 1 High OG Spiderman till this morning . The amount of shoes on the market is so overwhelming that certain sneakers fly under the radar; I thought that the Spiderman 1’s were going to be given to Family & Friends only until I checked Footlocker’s release calendar only to discover that the shoes were going to drop on December the 14th. I decided to write a projection post on the amount of pairs that could be made and will lean on my usual assumptions. It’s important to note that Nike only gave the Spiderman 1’s to FTL & its derivatives ( it makes you wonder why they get a special treatment).

To consider:

Footlocker, FTA and Champs will receive about 1/3 of the entire inventory

.Their online locations will receive about 1/3 of the inventory the stores are getting.

.Eastbay will receive about a 1/3 of the number all three online locations are receiving

.Each physical location will receive an average of 18 pairs

Most of the FTL stores receiving an inventory are the HOH ( house of hoops locations) as well as certain select stores based on the kind of customers they receive. I’ll consider about 335 FTL locations; and I’ll add to that the 270 FTA ( footaction) stores and the 133 Champs stores I counted from the launch locator map.

FTL numbers= 335 x 18=6030 and FTA = 270 x 18=4860, Champs = 133 x 18=1995

Total from FTL, FTA & Champs= 6030 + 4860 + 1995= 12885

And online stores= 12885/3= 4863 and Eastbay = 4863/3=1621

Total = 12885 + 4863 + 1621=19369 let’s round it off to 20,000

And the Grand Total= 20,00 x 3= 60,000 pairs

All these numbers that I come up with depend heavily on my initial assumptions so take everything with a grain of salt.


Air Jordan 1 High OG  Origin Story “Spiderman”

style#555088-602, $160, Dec 14

Gym Red/White-Photo Blue-Black

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