Air Jordan 1 Gold Toe All Star NRG |How Many Pairs Made?

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I promised I was going to write a post about the possible number of pairs of the Air Jordan 1 Gold Toe All Star that were made, so here it is. This is going to be a bit ambiguous because neither Footlocker nor Nike have provided enough information for me to build a strong and reliable case. So the premises on which I made my predictions came from observations I’ve made from  previous releases.

Assertion #1 Footlocker Release Calendar


There are two very important details that can’t be overlooked. First, notice that in the picture I shared above, out of all  8 pairs, two are highlighted in red. This could be an indication that these products are on demand. And second, notice that the Gold toe 1 is dropping on February 16th and the Black Cement 3 is releasing the next day ( February 17th). I’ve already showed you that JB made about 1,200,000 pairs of the Black Cement 3, see post below. If that’s the case, it automatically means that the Gold Toe 1 is going to be very limited. Jordan Brand isn’t going to risk losing money on the Black Cement 3 for the Gold Toe 1.

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Assertion #2 Banned 1, Royal 1, Win Like 96 Release Map

This is the release map for both the “Win like 96” and the “Royal 1”. I’m assuming from the picture above that the number of pairs of Royal 1 released were about 3/4 of the number of pairs of the “Win like 96”. ( the map is my reference point). I wrote an article about the number of pairs of the Win Like 96 made and I predicted a total of 1,300,000 pairs. So the number of pairs of the Royal 1,

Royal 1= (1,300,000 x 3)/4= 975,000

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In 2016 the “Banned 1” dropped and was also limited. Based on the picture above I’m assuming that the number of pairs of Royal 1 is about twice the number of pairs of the “Banned 1”.

Banned 1= Royal 1/2= 975,000/2=487,500

Now let me get to the point; I’m assuming that the Air Jordan 1 All Star Gold Toe is a little bit more limited than the Banned 1. This is long series of corollaries but bear with me. Since I don’t have a release map for the Gold Toe 1 , I’m assuming that the number of pairs made is about 2/3 the number of Banned 1’s made. So this follows,

Gold Toe 1= (487,500 x 2)/3=325,000

There you have it folks, 325,000 pairs made in the Jordan 1 Gold Toe. Once again, these numbers were purely based on my own assertions, do your own homework. I don’t think i’m off because the current market value of the shoe is  about $300+.

UPDATE 2/15/2018

I had to update the post because Footlocker finally added the shoes on their Launch locator, so did Footaction and Champs, see screen shots below

I counted a total of 130 House of hoops locations that will carry the shoes
Footaction map
Champs map

If I’m assuming that the 130 HOH locations are getting about 24 pairs per store, we get a total of :

130 X 24=3120 pairs. Based on the maps above we can assume that Champs and Footaction are getting about 2/3 of Footlocker’s stock so both stores will be getting about

(3120 x 2)/3=2080 pairs each

All those numbers are just for the physical locations. Let’s assume that the online shops will get about four times the amount the physical stores are getting, the result will be:

Footlocker Online= 3120 x 4=12480 pairs

Footaction Online= 2080 x 4=8320 pairs

Champs Online=2080 x 4=8320 pairs

And Let’s not forget that Eastbay another entity of Footlocker will also carry the shoes online and I’m assuming their stock will be about the same as FTA and Champs online hence 8320 pairs. So Footlocker and its derivatives alone are getting about:

(12480 +8320 +8320 + 8320)=37440 pairs and let’s round it off to 40,000. Let’s assume Nike gives the remaining retailers about 40,000 pairs to split. So in total 80,000 pairs will be given to the wholesale distribution channel and remember that Nike has been trying to cut out the middle man. So I’m assuming they are keeping about 2/3 of the stock in house, So Nike’s own stock will be

(80,000 x 2)=160,000 pairs and the total number of pairs produced= (80,000=Retailers) + (160,000=Nike)=240,000 pairs which contradicts the numbers I found earlier. I’ve been very conservative so we can round these numbers off to 300,000.


All Star Air Jordan 1 NRG Gold Toe

Style#861428-007, $175

  • Leather Uppers
  • Air Sole Unit
  • Perforated Forefoot
  • Solid Rubber Outsole






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