Air Jordan 1 Gatorade Current Market Value, They’ve Exceeded My Expectations

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When Jordan Brand first released the official pictures of the Air Jordan 1 Gatorade collection, I burst into laughter. The shoes reminded me of popsicles and I thought for sure that they were going to be an outlet commodity within a few months. But I’ve been very astonished with how well they are performing.

When I went to check how they were doing on several online marketplaces, I was stunned. I collected sales data from eBay and wanted to give you a rough estimate on the shoes’s current market value, see histograms below.

Air Jordan 1 Gatorade-Lime

29 pairs sold within the $220 and $240 price range, 13 pairs sold within the $240-$260 range while only one sold for $275 and that was on December the 16th Based on the numbers above, we can estimate their average selling price at $225

Air Jordan 1 Gatorade-Blue Lagoon

19 pairs sold within the $140-$160 range, 11 within $160-$180, 10 within $180-$200, 5 from $200-$220, 15 from $220-$240 ( note that this occurred on December the 16th), 5 from $240-$260, 2 from $260-$280 ( those two were size 15 and above) I disregarded what I considered outleirs ( the pairs that sold for $250) and the average price I calculated was $208

Air Jordan 1 Gatorade-Orange

11 pairs sold within the $140-$160 range, an indication that price has dropped already, 70 pairs sold within $160-$180 ( which is pretty much the retail price of the shoes or even less since shipping was included), 2 sold from $180-$200 and 6 from $200-$220 ( and those sales occurred prior to the release date) 70 pairs sold for right around $170 ; what I did here was consider everything else an outlier. So we can assume that the average selling price for this is $175

Air Jordan 1 Gatorade-Grape

The grape edition is not performing as well as the others. I only recorded 16 sales and one pair sold for right around $300 as early as December 16th. Probably from an impulsive buyer who thought the shoes were going to be hard to get. I don’t want to give an average selling price for this colorway yet due to the lack of consistent data


You can clearly see from each histogram that the Lime gatorade 1 is the one selling the highest and there is a reason why- it was limited. When I checked the Footlocker launch locator, only four stores were carrying the lime edition. For those who don’t know the lime gatorade was the first one to be introduced by the company; the lime gatorade is what gave Gatorade the success it has today, so JB was pointing that fact by making them more scarce. As you can see, all the other colorways were selling above retail before the official release date and since they released, they are selling slightly below retail. Pairs that are selling for more than retail are bigger sizes ( 13 and above).

I’m assuming that by mid January, every color but the lime will be reselling for $180 or a little less. But here is what I foresee; within six months, each of the Air jordan 1 Gatorade will probably be a hot commodity so if you can stock them up and hold on to them, I definitely think they will gain in value in the near future.

For those still looking the Gatorade 1’s refer to the links and listings below



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