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Housakicks New Series | The Sneakerhead’s Tribune

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Housakicks is garnering about 100k+ visits a month and still growing . We are starting a new series , the sneakerhead’s tribune in which we’ll allow you to tell your entire story. This will be an opportunity for you to express yourself with total freedom . We will not tell you what to say and what not to say. We want you to speak from the heart . If you don’t know what you want to share then explore questions such as (what got you started ? What’s your favorite brand and why? What irks you most about the current state of the sneaker industry ? What changes would you like to see ? Who influences your sneaker purchases ? What are your thoughts on the way the fast shifting trends in the industry ? Do you play any sport ? Do you buy shoes because of their functions or look ? What do Resellers mean to you ? What are your thoughts on the invasion of capitalism in the sneaker industry ? These are just things to think about and I wouldn’t mind sharing your story on our network
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tayib salami

My Name is Tayib Salami and I'm the founder of Housakicks. I'm part of the AHN network dedicated to providing our audience with more in depth information on sneakers . I have spent a lot of time writing projections on sneakers as far as the retail market is concerned. I also educate my audience on ways to identify fake/ replica sneakers. The AHN network covers a variety of sneaker related topics
tayib salami