7 Reasons Why you Should Buy The 2021 Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey

7 Reasons Why you Should Buy The 2021 Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey
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You’ve probably heard from many that If you’re a true sneakerhead,  then the Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey is an absolute must-have. I don’t impose these arbitrary rules to anyone or live by them,  but I do believe that the Cool Grey 11 is indeed a must- have.  With all of the hype surrounding it, it’s easy to see why people want them so badly. And with this many people wanting these shoes, it’s only a matter of time before there are lots of counterfeit sellers trying to make some money off unwitting buyers–I’ve written a post about it, see link below.  As far as I’m concerned, here are  7 reasons why I believe anyone ought to buy the Jordan 11 Cool Grey.

How To Spot & Identify The Fake Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey

1.It inaugurated the cool grey theme

It was one of the first non-OG colorways to drop in the 11’s line, debuting in 2001. It was warmly received and paved the way for the cool grey concept to be used on a variety of subsequent Jordan signature shoes, including the Air Jordan 3, Jordan 4, Jordan 9’s and many other hybrid colorways.

2001 air jordan 11 cool grey
This pair is from 2001, you can see that obviously from the yellowing on the soles. this is why the newer pair comes with a blue tint to prevent this phenomenon. Just looking at the picture brings back memories of me going on yahoo auction japan to look for these gems

2. It is a classic

When you mention the Jordan 11 to someone who has been collecting since the late 1990s, four colorways immediately come to mind. The Concord, the Bred, the Space Jam, and the Cool Grey 11’s . These four amigos are widely regarded as the most iconic Jordan 11s of all time. Michael Jordan’s return from retirement coincided with the introduction of the 11’s, notably the concord. The 11’s from the early 2000’s have a charismatic appeal that cannot be transferred to anything post 2009.

7 reasons to buy the 2021 air jordan 11 cool grey
This picture was from the collection of former NBA player Richard Hamilton akap rip hamilton, showcasing the four amigos plus an intruder, the gamma blue 11. Image courtesy of jordansdaily.com

3. Style and Performance blended

I admire the fusion of style and performance mixed in this sneaker as an eager fan of creativity and performance. When Tinker Hatfield was designing the OG Concord 11, MJ’s wish for a glossy basketball shoe kept ringing in his head, which led to the inclusion of the patent leather. It turned the Jordan 11 into a shoe that could be worn both on the court and at a fancy dinner affair. That trend didn’t stop with the Cool Grey 11, as I’ve seen a slew of people dressed up in the cool greys.

4. A shoe with no boundaries

While some shoes are more popular with certain groups, the CG11 has broken down all barriers and can be seen on people from all walks of life and ethnicities. That is typical of most Jordan’s, but the four amigos (bred, space jam, concord, and cool grey 11’s) have crossed cultures, generations, and countries, earning them the title of international sneakers.

5. Excellent cushioning and comfort

It’s important to remember that the majority of Jordan’s iconic shoes were designed with basketball in mind. The Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey features a full-length air sole unit, which is one of its best features. This provides lightweight padding for your foot, allowing you to play your sport for as long as you want without discomfort. It contains a cushioned collar and tongue, as well as heel support, to provide additional cushioning and ensure that your foot is secure while wearing the shoe. It’s ideal for quick pauses and starts because of this.

6. Durable shoe

The mudguard is one of the 11s’ most distinctive features. With its design, it gives both durability and an elegant look. It hooks to the backside of the shoe and wraps around both sides. They are incredibly sturdy and do not collapse as quickly as some of the other versions with visible heel air units. The 11’s were the first Jordan signature sneakers equipped carbon fiber plates. It was designed to fight torsion and provide stability to the wearer, preventing ankle injuries and other problems caused by the foot’s contortion. Style and appearance did not come at the expense of performance.

7. It is a profitable

If you’re still not interested in any of the style or performance attributes of this shoe, maybe you’ll be enticed by the money it can generate. air jordan 11 cool grey resale vs size

The chart above gives you a breakdown of the resale value of the shoe by size. You can pretty much figure out what sizes to aim for if you’re only in it for the sake of profiting from it. And the value is only going to continue to increase with time. We might experience a bit of a 5% drop by the time it releases, but next year by this time, profit margins will be $80+ on most sizes.

Whether you’re hoping to acquire this pair for some of the reasons I described, such as the sentimental recollections they evoke, or you’re looking to profit from it, it doesn’t matter to me – buy what you want, spend your hard-earned money on what you  please, and if you’re in it for resale, I have nothing against you.

Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey Release Information

  • Price:$225
  • Release Date: 2021-12-11
  • Style Code:CT8012-005
  • Color: Medium Grey / White / Cool Grey

Where to buy 


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